Emergency Shelter


Haven House operates an eight-bedroom facility for victims and their children who need temporary emergency shelter. The Shelter is a secure and confidential location. Haven House can provide shelter for up to 20 individuals. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. The common area includes a living room, dining room and kitchen. There is also a playroom, laundry room, and small enclosed playground for toddlers. There is a large outdoor playground for older children. Haven House is handicapped accessible. All services are provided free-of-charge.

Victims and their children come to Haven House through a variety of channels. Many contact us directly through our 24/7 crisis hotline at 1.800.526.7157. Some are referred by law enforcement after an abusive incident. Others come through referrals from hospitals, healthcare agencies, counselors, CYFD, or are self-referred. A brief telephone interview is conducted to determine the needs of the individual and whether our services are appropriate.

Upon intake, you will be greeted by a caring staff who will assess your needs and provide you with food, clothing and a clean, safe place to stay. The length of stay at Haven House varies up to 90 days and depends on each individual’s situation.

As you begin the healing process, Haven House can provide support from caring staff by offering education about domestic violence, counseling, advocacy and referrals to other agencies which can provide additional support to you and your children. Haven House also supports individuals outside of shelter with referrals and support groups to provide lifelong tools to maintain a life free of violence.

Our knowledgeable Domestic Violence Resource Navigators will help you with individualized goal development and provide tools and resources to help you move forward in your journey, such as providing information about housing resources, referrals to job readiness programs and other community agencies that can provide additional or specialized support. They are also able to help you obtain a temporary order of protection, attend court proceedings with you and assist you with locating an attorney at no cost through New Mexico Legal Aid. During the process, staff will provide assistance in safety planning so that each individual can establish a violence-free lifestyle.

Additional services include individualized safety planning, life skills, domestic violence education, support groups, dedicated children’s case management, 24/7 crisis hotline, crisis intervention as well as individual and group counseling services. A domestic violence support group is provided for victims living in-shelter and out-of-shelter. This group teaches the dynamics of domestic violence in a safe and confidential environment. Parenting and Life-Skills classes are also provided.

All services are free and confidential.